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Talking. Planning. Thinking. Creating. Gamifying. Training. And more. Here are some thoughts our experiences have taught us about how to Command Your Brand.

It's A Digital World

It’s easy to imagine that the first man to discover fire couldn’t keep it to himself for long. Knocking two stones together he quickly assembled a crowd, produced flames...and live showmanship thus began.

By the time of the Greeks, pure spectacle was replaced by drama. Plays explored the nature of being human. Self-reflective, literary, and enhanced by music, these plays inspired, educated, and elevated the lives of those for whom they were performed.

Crowd dynamics dominated Roman civilization. Arena games brought life to the Colosseum—and brought death to the performance marketplace, with popular public animal hunts, executions, and gladiatorial bouts. And by the time of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, both groundlings and nobles comprised a boisterous, loud audience, one that was as interested in the actions of fellow audience members as it was of the stage players.

Flash forward to the habits of contemporary live events.

Today, live event performances encourage group-sourcing. From improv comedy sessions (with audiences supplying ideas) to flash mobs (composed entirely of audience performers), the lines between onstage and offstage antics have melded and blurred. Reality television is apace with scripted. American Idol depends on “you, America” to create your own stars. And pop-up street performances bring the stage into the world.

And for corporate events, we now set the bar higher than ever for originality, purpose, and surprise. So while the best live corporate events continue to educate, inspire, and delight, today they also celebrate the audience. They collaborate with it. They challenge it. They create a feeling of community, encouraging each person to feel involved and important.

Today’s best live events make us realize we’re connected to each other by history, humanity, and human nature. That’s why even in a digital world, live experiences continue to thrive. As long as there’s something awesome to share with someone else, live events are here to stay.