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Talking. Planning. Thinking. Creating. Gamifying. Training. And more. Here are some thoughts our experiences have taught us about how to Command Your Brand.

Find Your Funny

So you’ve taken your seat in the ballroom with hundreds of others for the big corporate event. Who’s going to be awarded the Regional winner? Will balloons drop from the ceiling? Will you be in the least bit interested? Stay awake? Or will you wish you’d had that triple-no-foam-latte before taking that seat?

You start to read the morning’s agenda. Lots of speakers listed—so who will be the ones you remember?

Well you’ll probably remember the ones that were concise since you walked away knowing their top messages. You’ll definitely remember the ones that were funny. Funny is just so good—guess that’s why it tickles!

We’re onto something here.

Steve Tobak of CBS’ MoneyWatch notes that great business people come in all shapes and sizes but the most effective communicators share a unifying trait:  “killer senses of humor”. After all, when a boss finds his funny, it makes him likeable—so you listen. Sharing his funny means he owns what he’s saying and he’s not afraid to lay claim. It’s a great way to get buy-in, to inspire, and to get and keep the audience’s attention.

Of course we’re steering clear of bad funny—the mean-spirited or politically incorrect. The kind that makes you squirm so hard and twisty in your seat that you start nudging the shoulders of the people sitting next to you. This is what we call Not Good Funny.

Bottom line is that we’re here to say “Find Your Funny”—and then get the audience on your side. Relate. Be real. Reveal a couple of your own all-too-human quirks. Or share what makes you laugh. Everybody wants to have more fun, right? And laughter increases endorphins. Soon you’ll be feeling better without even breaking a sweat!

So power through. Persuade. And find your funny!